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Chiro Care for Kids

Updated: Mar 27

At Complete Chiropractic Care we welcome spines of all ages. From newborns to teenagers, we take extra special care in carefully assessing your child’s spine and preparing a specialised program to accommodate their specific needs and health goals.

Children go through so many changes as they grow, sometimes it is so hard to keep up. From taking their first steps to kicking their first goal, it is important to celebrate these first time events. In order to keep them functioning in their optimum it is essential that they have a well balanced musculoskeletal and nervous system.

A question we are commonly asked at our clinic is whether we care for children? And if so, How!? Allow us to take you through the process and what to expect for your child’s first consult and beyond.

What does a child's spinal assessment usually involve?

Much like the assessment you undertook on your first appointment. The parents/guardian along with the child will sit down with the chiropractor and answer some history questions about the child, the presenting complaint and a full medical history from birth. After this, a physical examination is undertaken where we assess the child’s posture, their musculoskeletal system and a neurological examination takes place.

How do we “crack” a child’s spine?

Chiropractic care goes well beyond just adjusting the spine. If an adjustment is indicated, we will use gentle, low force techniques to facilitate a low amplitude adjustment into a restricted joint. In addition to this, we use mobilisations, stretches and sometimes even simple techniques such as play to facilitate care. Many times the chiropractor will introduce fun interactive games and encourage the child to use their imagination when getting adjusted.

Does my child need X-rays?

Generally, no. Unless we suspect conditions such as scoliosis (an S shaped spine) or a congenital (from birth) condition that may stop them from getting care we will not x-ray their spine.

How many visits will my child need?

Each child will begin their corrective program of care based upon the examination findings. Depending on the results of this examination the chiropractor will tailor a program of care to yield the greatest results in a timely manner. Children generally respond quickly to chiropractic care.

Why do people bring their child to see a chiropractor if they are not complaining of pain?

Here are some examples, however it is not limited to this list.

Chiro for babies

  • Favouring one side when feeding

  • Abnormal posture such as leaning to one side

  • A noticeable curve to the left or right side during tummy time

  • Post birth

Chiro for infants/children

  • Toe walking

  • Feet turning inwards

  • Poor balance

  • Falls

Chiro for Teenagers

  • Poor posture

  • Headaches

  • Upper back discomfort

  • Neck pain

  • Different length hems in pants

  • Wearing of the inside of the shoes/ one side more than the other

  • Hip/knee/ankle injuries

  • Frequent falls

  • Shoulder/elbow and wrist pain

  • Rehabilitation post sports injuries

We are so excited to extend our care to your children . Your child’s health is their greatest asset and we look forward to nurturing them and caring for their spines in the most pinnacle years of their growth.

School Holidays are the perfect time to get your child's spine checked. And these school holidays we are offering COMPLIMENTARY Spine and Posture Assessments for babies, children and teenagers!

Contact Us Now to claim this free 15-minute appointment or speak to one of our friendly chiropractors or reception staff when next in the practice.



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