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Providing a safe and confidential space for individuals to process emotions, reflect and grow.

What is Counselling?

The aim of counselling is to provide a safe, confidential and secure space for people to reflect, process emotions and build on different skills for personal growth.


Counsellors create a safe environment for clients to feel connected and be vulnerable to work through life’s challenges. Counsellors are trained to actively listen, express empathy, be congruent (genuine) and always express unconditional positive regard (non-judgement).


Some of the common goals people like to work though in counselling are:

  • emotional regulation

  • managing anxiety

  • anger management

  • processing and healing grief and trauma

  • building on communication skills

  • building on healthier coping strategies

  • managing addictions

  • creating self-awareness

  • build on healthy relationships

  • setting boundaries.

~ Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional- Haruki Murakami


Sheena Pal


Sheena is a counsellor who provides general counselling for youth and adults. Sheena has experience supporting clients in managing anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship breakdowns, grief, trauma, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, childhood neglect and abuse.

Sheena has been working in the community sector for 10 years. Sheena first started working with Young People (aged 12-18) at a local youth center in 2012.  After completing her Bachelor in Social Science (Major in Child and Community Work) in 2015. Sheena, became an Adolescent and Family Case Worker, particularly working with at risk of homelessness young people and their families. Sheena then worked with adults with young children who experienced disadvantages such as domestic violence, mental health, substance use, child protection involvement, homelessness and poverty. Sheena completed her Graduate Diploma in Counselling in 2020. Since then, has been working with 10–25 year old’s providing general counselling and also specializing in Drug and Alcohol Counselling.


Sheena is very passionate about providing a safe space and a while creating therapeutic relationship to support people through life’s challenges. Sheena’s personal values are respect, empathy, authenticity, fairness, courage and accountability. Sheena acknowledges that in life, everyone experiences some form of pain at some point in their life. When we experience emotional and mental pain, it has an impact on our mental health and well-being as well as our understanding of the world around us. It is important to feel heard and have support when we experience challenging things in life. Sheena is a Person-Centered Counsellor who values transparency, humility and openness in building a trusting therapeutic relationship.

To discover is Sheena is the "right fit" for you, please contact her directly on 0413 008 936

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Katerina Sytchenko



Katerina is an Accredited Social Work Counsellor specialising in recovery from family and domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, mental health and complex PTSD. Katerina has over 6 years experience supporting individuals who have experience complex trauma, mental health issues, homelessness, substance abuse, sexual assault, childhood abuse, grief and loss, financial issues, family law and child protection issues. Katerina has a deep understanding of the significant impact of trauma has on individuals’ overall wellbeing. Katerina works within trauma- informed, person centered and strengths-based approach.

Katerina completed Bachelor of Social Work and is a member of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). Katerina has been working in a community and family and domestic violence sector supporting families impacted by complex trauma. Katerina thrives on providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to share your story, process your experiences and develop your ability to cope with life challenges. Katerina takes a holistic approach to counselling, meaning that the focus is on a whole person, not just their illness or condition. A holistic approach takes into account the person’s life experience, emotional and physical health, social and spiritual wellbeing, and the effects of the behaviours and circumstances to understand the root of the problem.

Katerina is an approved Victims Services counsellor available for those who have experienced violence in NSW. Victims Services Support Scheme provides counselling and financial support to victims/ survivors of a violent crime in NSW. Eligible individuals can receive up to 22 hours of funded counselling with an approved Victims Services counsellor, to assist recovery from emotional and psychological impact of crime. For more information about accessing Victims Services counselling please follow the link and apply online:


If you need support applying or not sure if you are eligible for this scheme, please feel free to contact Katerina directly to discuss further on 0487 999 649

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