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Corporate Health

Did you know?

  • The two most common workplace injuries/complaints are Musculoskeletal Disease and Stress (total of 90%)

  • ABSENTEEISM (time off work) costs the Australian economy $24 billion a year

  • PRESENTEEISM (underperforming due to illness/injury) costs $35 billion a year

  • Healthy employees are 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees

At Complete Chiropractic Care we have a strong passion to empower and inspire people in the workplace to be healthier and happier employees. We believe that corporate health goes both ways... not only is it the employer's responsibility to create a work environment that supports it's employees, but it is also the employee's responsibility to take charge of their health and be pro-active in injury prevention as well as managing health challenges as soon as they arise.

How can we help?


Corporate Workshops

Either quick and efficient "lunch and learns" to the more elaborate and content-rich seminars - We can tailor workshops specific to your workplace needs. Topics include

  • Stress Less, Live More

  • Sitting is the new smoking

  • Posture is Key

  • Easy Hacks to Keep Moving in the Workplace

  • Plus much more

Ergonomics Assessments

Ergonomics is the development of an efficient relationship between employees and their work environment. Optimising employee work environments can reduce stress and eliminate many potential injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture and repeated tasks. This  requires designing tasks, workstations, controls, tools and equipment to fit the employees’ physical capabilities and limitations as well as healthcare best practices.

Complete Chiropractic Care can help employers and employees perform their jobs in a safer, more cost-efficient way through our Workplace Ergonomics Assessment Program.

A member of our team will visit your workplace, assess the employee workstations and make recommendations as to how the employees' physical environment can be improved to promote better workplace health and safety. These ergonomics assessments include table and chair height and placement, computer screen orientation, review of basic job descriptions and duties.

We will then take information from the assessment back to the office for review and development of recommendations. Next, the we will generate a formal letter of recommendation to help you implement changes consistent with our recommendations.

If you require, will return to your workplace to present recommendations in person. We find that presenting our recommendations in person and talking with each employee helps improve compliance and increase employee satisfaction, leading to increased efficiency and giving you a better return on your investment.

Pop-up Health Clinics

We all know that prevention is better than the cure... which is why our signature Pop-Up Health Clinics can be the solution you need to help build team moral, encourage employees to be pro-active with their health, manage injuries and illness before they get worse and identify issues before they become a problem.


Our Practitioners come to your workplace and create a real-life "satellite practice" in your office. Assessments may include:

  • Posture and Spine Assessments

  • Pain and Injury Assessments

  • Biomechanical and Functional Assessments

  • Stress Testing

  • Health Risk Assessments

  • and much more

Corporate Massage

This simple and cost effective approach is a quick and easy way to show your employees that you care. We come to your office and with little-to-no disruption, let our experienced practitioners do their magic and melt all that stress and tension away. In just a few moments, your people will feel cared-for, safe and valued and ready to tackle the rest of their busy days.

Enquire now to see if our Corporate Health Solutions are right for you.

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