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Speech Pathology

Helping your Child Express themselves with Clearer Communication

Introductory Offer: $50 off all Initial Consultations and 10% off all Assessments*

Offer Expires 28 Feb 2021

Iqra Speech Pathology is a paediatric Speech Pathology service operating out of Complete Chiropractic Care.

A Speech Pathologist is a university-trained professional who works closely with children and adults, alongside their families, to improve their communication skills. 

The role of a paediatric Speech Pathologist is to provide assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for: 

- Speaking 

- Listening 

- Understanding language 

- Reading 

- Writing 

- Social skills 

- Stuttering 

- Using voice 


We offer assessment, diagnosis and intervention to children with communication difficulties.


At Iqra Speech Pathology, all services commence with an initial consultation. During this appointment, background information and language samples will be collated. This session will also be spent getting to know your child, learning their strengths, discussing your concerns and planning and discussing future goals for intervention. 

Initial consultations run for approximately 50-60 minutes. 


Assessments will include a combination of standardised formal assessments and informal assessment tools. This allows the Speech Pathologist to gain a comprehensive insight into your child's strengths and areas that require improvement. Depending on your child and their needs, the assessment may vary in length and might be conducted over one or more sessions. The Speech Pathologist at Iqra Speech Pathology may assess: 

- Receptive (understanding) and expressive (Using) language 

- Pragmatic language 

- Articulation and phonology (speech sounds) 

- Literacy skills (reading and writing) 

- Fluency (stuttering) disorders 

- Learning disabilities 

- Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Assessments are an integral component of speech therapy practice, as they help provide a comprehensive picture of your child and aid with goal setting for intervention. Comprehensive reports are provided after every assessment and are useful for parents, teachers, doctors, paediatricians and other caregivers. 


At Iqra Speech Pathology, we provide intervention for a range of communication difficulties including: 

- Receptive and expressive language 

- Speech sounds 

- Stuttering 

- Social communication skills 

- Autism Spectrum Disorders 

- Dyslexia 

- Literacy and learning difficulties including spelling, reading, expressive writing and reading comprehension. 


Therapy sessions vary in length and frequency and can be conducted in our Merrylands office, or at your child’s school/preschool (dependent on permission and availability). 

How long will my child need therapy for? 

If your child requires Speech Pathology intervention, the length of the recommended therapy session varies depending on the needs of the child. At Iqra Speech Pathology, sessions run for 40 minutes or 60 minutes. The frequency and duration of therapy attendance depends on the communication difficulty. 

Weekly therapy is most often recommended; however, some therapy is most effective when delivered intensively (multiple sessions a week), fortnightly or monthly depending on your child's needs. 

The number of sessions required varies depending on the nature and severity of the presenting difficulties, the amount of practise being done between appointments and the rate of progress. 

Schedule of Fees

Initial consultations: $150

  • Where background information and language samples will be collected, and paperwork will be completed. 

  • Session will run for approximately 50-60 minutes. 

Assessments: $300

Session length is dependent on each child’s needs. 

A comprehensive report will be provided after the completion of the assessment. 

Centre based therapy sessions

  • 40 minutes: $100 

  • 60 minutes: $150 

Mobile based therapy sessions

  • All mobile sessions will run for 60 minutes. 

  • All mobile sessions incur a flat rate of $30.00 travel fee. 


Summary reports: Issued on request

  • Please contact us on 0478 490 120 for a price. 



  • Prices will vary depending on location, duration, and purpose/content.

  • Please contact us on 0478 490 120 for a price. 


Full payment is to be made at each appointment and then receipts can be taken to Medicare (if you have a CDM/EPC Plan from your GP) or your Private Health Fund to claim your rebate. 


For all cancellations, please contact us on 0478 490 120. Fees apply, where adequate notice is not given. 

Funding and Rebates 

You do not need a written referral from your doctor to see a Speech Pathologist. 

If you are unsure whether your child may benefit from Speech Pathology services, feel free to call us on 0478 940 120 or email us at to discuss your concerns with one of our Speech Pathologists. 

NATIONAL DISABILITY SCHEME (NDIS)- Services are currently available for plan-managed and self-managed participants. 

MEDICARE- You may be entitled to a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan which entitles you to a rebate* for five Speech Pathology sessions per calendar year. Ask your GP If you are eligible for this plan. 

PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE- Some health funds provide cover for Speech Pathology services. Please contact your provider to find out more. 

*Full payment is to be made at each appointment, then receipts can be taken to Medicare (if you have an CDM/EPC Plan from your GP) or your Private Health Fund to claim your rebate. 

Ahlam Hussein
Certified Practising Speech Pathologist


Ahlam Hussein is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with a Masters of Speech Language Pathology, from the University of Sydney. She understands and speaks English and Arabic. 

Ahlam is a warm, fun and passionate individual who loves helping her clients build their confidence to overcome communication barriers. She has worked with children with various communication difficulties in a range of settings including practices, childcares, preschools, and schools. 

Ahlam has a particular interest in working with children aged 3-15 and conducts screenings and diagnostic assessments for early social communication skills, receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language, articulation and phonology (speech sounds), literacy skills, and fluency (stuttering) disorders. 

Ahlam is trained in the Sounds-Write Synthetics Phonics Program, Visualizing and Verbalizing Program, Talk For Writing, Key Word Sign and PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets). 

Ahlam strongly believes in adopting a holistic practice by collaborating with families, teachers, and other allied health professionals to achieve the best outcome for her clients. 

Ahlam is available on Friday for providing assessments and therapy at the centre in Merrylands, and provides mobile services to childcares, preschools, and schools across a range of locations in Sydney. 

Want to know more?

Call us to learn more about Speech Pathology and how it may help you and/or your child.

Chat with Ahlam to determine whether Speech Pathology is right for you.

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