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Clinical Nutrition

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Gina Long
Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in Digestive Health and Mental Wellbeing


Gina believes that most of the health problems we experience today come from the way we live, and when we invest in the right care for ourselves, health can naturally grow! She has a strong interest in natural medicine because it aims to restore the right conditions for health by working with the body’s natural processes. By correcting the root causes of illness, instead of just masking symptoms, natural medicine can help people achieve a deeper sense of health and wellbeing.

Gina is a unique practitioner in that she is a Clinical Nutritionist with a background in Psychology. Her story is like that of many people she cares for… after falling ill and being let down by the medical approach to health, she found the answers in nutrition and herbal medicine. Using dietary changes and supplements she was able to get her health back on track and this inspired her to begin studying naturopathy while still completing her psychology degree.

Drawing from her personal experience and following along her journey, Gina has developed a particular interest in helping people with chronic digestive problems such as IBS, as well as fatigue, stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns. While natural medicine has been used to treat mental health successfully for many years, new research is proving how effective nutrition and natural medicine are for these issues. Gina is excited to be a part of this movement towards natural treatment of mental conditions, and to be able to offer natural support to the local Merrylands Community.

What is Clinical Nutrition?

Clinical Nutrition is one of the key foundations of natural medicine which involves the use
of natural substances and principles to treat illness, prevent disease and promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Clinical nutritionists are specifically trained in the use of natural foods, dietary practices and nutritional supplements such as enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals,
to treat underlying causes of illness and restore health.

Clinical Nutritionists assess health according to optimal standards rather than the absence of disease, and as part of this use functional tests such as digestive and stool tests and hormonal testing such as adrenal stress tests. They may also order and/or interpret blood tests from a functional perspective, looking at nutrients and other factors required for optimal body function.

Want to know more?

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