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Acupuncture comes to CCC

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Vincent is a big animal lover and has a keen interest in Animal Acupuncture.

Hi everyone!! I am Vincent Liu, Acupuncturist and I am the newest member of the Complete Chiropractic Care team. Some of you may have met me or heard of me before as I have been practicing acupuncture in Merrylands for many years. I am extremely thrilled to join Complete Chiro team and I look forward to working alongside the Chiropractors and other practitioners to help everyone who walks through our door through their healing process.

My journey as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist began almost 10 years ago, after I earned my bachelor and master degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the University of Western Sydney. In 2008, I travelled to China and enjoyed my internship at the Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM. I still remember I was assigned to the acupuncture department, being mentored by two of the most experienced acupuncturists in the province. The experience was incredible!

My acupuncture treatment is quite unique. I don’t just treat the pain. I enjoy thinking outside of the box and using both TCM strategy and western methods to treat the symptom at its source. I assess your body from all angles and come up with a tailored treatment plan to your specific needs. I also do a lot of manual therapy, such as cupping or massage, in conjunction with acupuncture, because they are just a great combination!

I will be using prestigious (and expensive) acupuncture needles Dong Bang from Korea which provide a pain free experience. Those acupuncture needles are very smooth and generally as thin as your hair. My goal is to provide ‘strong but comfortable’ treatments that suit different age groups.

You should consider seeing me for acupuncture if you:

1. May not have specific issues but want to stay well or look for wellness.

2. Are afraid of needles but in need of a quick fix solution.

3. Are stuck with chronic pain and have tried everything else.

4. Want to conceive.

5. Are looking for complementary management for cancer or autoimmune disorders

I will post my own articles and share new research findings about acupuncture on a regular basis so stay tuned! Thank you for reading my very first blog article and I look forward to meeting you at Complete Chiropractic Care Merrylands!



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