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Are you a Weekend Warrior?

Chiropractors call them “Weekend Warriors:” those who have a sedentary occupation or those who undertake little or no exercise during the week but on the weekend become super athletes, sports stars, or expert DIYers ready to take on their next renovation.

On Monday morning, Chiropractors are bombarded by these Weekend Warriors, who have managed to injure themselves as they attempt to perform in such sports or activities for which they have little or no preparation.

We advise anyone contemplating taking on a physical or strenuous activity over the weekend to visit their chiropractor for a thorough examination. Very often there are problems which might be easy to correct at the time, but which could be made worse by sudden jerking and jarring movements, bending and lifting or even impacts and collisions.

To avoid being injured during your weekend endeavours:

  • Build a regular exercise program for during the week.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself and know your limitations

  • Warm up before beginning your activity

  • Mix it up. Doing one exercise of activity can over strain certain parts of your body. Rather, try to perform several diverse activities.

  • And finally, if you suffer pain or discomfort after the exercise – a visit to your chiropractor should be on the cards to manage any new injuries as soon as possible and to make sure your body is functioning as it should.



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