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Good posture, better mood?

While grandma may have nagged you about your posture, she may not have realised the other benefits of sitting or standing up straight with your head up and shoulders back. Mood. That’s right. Various studies reveal that maintaining good posture can also help boost your mood and slash stress.

A Simple Yet Effective Action

According to research from San Francisco State University Professor of Health Education Erik Peper, Ph.D., individuals who walk with a slumped, or downcast posture can have feelings of depression or diminished energy.

This research also revealed, however, that those feelings of depression can be reversed simply by walking in a more upright manner. Imagine being able to boost your mood and even your energy level with this easy action.

Standing in an expansive posture of confidence, even if you don’t feel particularly confident, can impact testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain. Adopting such “power poses” may even affect one’s chances for success.

If you’re having a bout of the blues, take a quick assessment of how you’re sitting and standing. Adopting better posture just may improve your mood, boost your confidence and give you more energy to take on your everyday tasks and more.

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Chiropractic

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