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How well do you look after your car?

Two identical cars, same make, same model, same age but likely to have different amounts of wear and tear... why?

Today we want to share with you a quick analogy that we use with patients to help them understand the importance of looking after their spine and nervous system.

Imagine you had two cars: same make, same model, and same year. One had done 100,000 kilometres and the other one had done 300,000 kilometres.

Which one do you think is going wear out quicker? Which one do you think is going break down more often?

Most people would be quick to answer “the car with more km’s.”

Actually, the correct answer is the one that you take better care of!

If you take better care of your car regardless of how many mileage there is on the clock, then it will last longer, it will perform better and it will break down less often.

It’s a no brainer, right?

The same applies for your spine and nervous system!

But unfortunately, these days people take better care of their cars, computers and material possessions than they do of their own body.

Lets take this analogy one step further… imagine your car is a high performance racecar. Regardless of how many km’s it’s done, you are more likely to take better care of it compared to a daily driver. In fact, professional race car drivers get their cars serviced before and after every race – not because the car has broken down, not because the car “hurts,” but because they want to get the most out of this finely tuned machine!

Wouldn’t you want the same for your spine and body?

Talk to us today about how chiropractic care can help keep your spine and nervous system finely tuned so that you suffer less pain, recover quicker from injury, improve your posture and get more out of life.



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