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When should you stop exercising?

During a recent appointment with a patient, Dr Cheyenne had an interesting discussion about exercises. She recalls the exchange below:

I recently had a patient, who said to me “Doc, I’m feeling great, but I know if I stop exercising, I won’t feel great. What should I do? I don’t want to exercise for the rest of my life!”

I took a moment to gather my thoughts (and suppressed a laugh), and replied:

“Is exercise medication? Is exercise an injection? A surgery?

No, exercise is and should be a part of our daily life!

Isn’t it great that daily exercise is helping you?

It is the same as you telling me you feel great when you’re on a healthy balanced diet!

Exercise and a healthy balanced diet should not be considered a chore!”

After a few moments, the patient laughed and said “I never thought about it this way. I’ve got it pretty good ay”

We only have one body. We need to take care of it!



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